måndag 14 mars 2016

Poetry by ~ Leo4A

                                                         The human itself!

Somtimes, I wonder if the big bang wasn`t ever created.

would the humans be alive? If the dinousaurs weren`t created?

Sometimes I wonder, if we never looked like we did now.
But now it is like it is, and we can´t go back in time.

Without school we wouldn’t even be this smart.

If the school wouldn’t been created, then how would we be smart?

                                                    ’’The World ’’

The world is a beautiful planet.

The world is filled with humans.

Some people might have a good or a bad life.

Sometimes I wonder if I would have been
one of the bad life people.

They have very bad situations
like when they run out of food, or money.

And some people, have a very bad emotion if they lose their child, maybe while they’re in a war.
But were trying to help the people in war.
Because otherwise their love wouldn`t be the same.

But luckily I have a good life and should appriciate the money, my house and the food I have. And of course my wonderful family!

Tack så mycket för ni lysnade hoppas att ni gillade dikterna och ha en trevlig dag! :D

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  1. Tänkvärda ord!
    Mycket fint och bra skrivet Leo! :-)